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Press: Richard Lord


Developer:Richard Lord
Location:London, United Kingdom
Founding date:January 19, 2015
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Phone:+44 (0)7967 154112


In January 2015 Richard Lord left his job as CTO of Stick Sports, a successful mobile game company, because he wanted to make his own games. Which means he is now an independent game developer. Which is both exciting and scary. Having spent the nineties as an independent contemporary dance choreographer he thinks he has some idea what to expect. His first game, Freak Factory, was released on 27 July 2015.


Early history - Choreography

Richard started his working life as a contemporary dance choreographer with Big Room Dance Company, which he founded in 1993. He created a number of dances for the stage and was very active in experimenting with new technologies in the dance world. Like all choreographers, Richard was unable to earn a living from choreography alone so in his spare time he wrote computer software

Early history - Software Engineer

Richard choreographed his last work in 2001 and turned to a full-time career as a software engineer. He worked on projects for The National Gallery, The British Museum, The Science Museum and The United Nations before taking a role as an engineer, later lead engineer, at EA Criterion on the game Burnout Revenge. Leaving Criterion after the release of that game, Richard returned to freelance development working on a number of web games before being hired as CTO at Stick Sports in 2011.

And now

Richard left Stick Sports in January 2015 to strike out alone once more. His previous experience in dance and engineering gives him a unique perspective on the games industry. Like many artists, his goal is to find his unique voice and speak with it. Richard is still discovering that voice, but he knows it involves fewer games about guns and more games about people. Games that have a point, games that teach us about about ourselves, without forgetting that these are games and they should be engaging.

Richard's first project, Freak Factory, was released on 27 July 2015. The game received great feedback from players with average reviews in the app stores of 4.8 out of 5 from 20,000 installs.

Richard is currently working with King prototyping a new Call of Duty mobile game. His personal game project Intergalactic Delivery Driver is on hold until he completes work on the Call of Duty project.